Shift Your Spirits

You've Been Chosen

Episode Summary

Honoring your purpose and the creative ideas you've been given; also, reflections on the first year of the show.

Episode Notes

This week is a long personal introduction with reflections on the show's first year, the most popular episodes, what that has shown me about you guys, and where we're going in the future.

There is also a shorter segment with a message about creativity and purpose and your duty to dedicate yourself to the tasks you’ve been given.


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  3. How to F* up Your Ability to Manifest
  4. Repeating Numbers with Laurra Warnke
  5. A Channeled Message about Life Purpose
  6. Stranger Angels: Part 1
  7. Love & Money Personified with Morgana Rae
  8. A Sign or a Coincidence?
  9. Recognizing Your Higher Self with Heather Alice Shea
  10. About Channeling with Frank Butterfield


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You must honor the ideas you’ve already been given if you want to receive more.

A few months ago, Shawn, one of my mentoring clients in the Automatic Intuition program presented me with a really exciting prospect — a project that's part channeling, part writing.

I was truly excited for him. I thought Wow. That’s a beautiful concept. It’s succinct, the title itself is one of those shining sentence type clairaudient downloads. It honestly reminded me a bit of when I received the idea for Shift Your Spirits.

I was thinking, I can see an entire platform that can be built around this. There’s the potential for a practice and a business. And it will really appeal to people. But I didn’t want to overwhelm him with where it could all go. It was an idea that had yet to be executed and brought through.

So, the Holidays came, and we know how those months go by, and Shawn contacted me for a session. He said he was lost. He wasn’t sure what to do next. What direction to take. He was kind of waiting for everything to come together.

And when we were talking this week he told me that he had successfully learned to do readings, and the feedback from his reading clients is positive. And when I asked him about the channeling project, he said he had no trouble connecting and retrieving those channeled messages.

All that was really missing, the sense of direction, in my observation, was he just needed to dedicate himself to this project. To dedicate time in his schedule either every day or on a 3x3 Strategy.

He said that word DEDICATE was the marching orders he was hoping for.

I experience this all the time in my fiction. I have lists of ideas for novels and stories. I have two books on my desk laid open in a sloppy state of word surgery, sequels to my novel Havenwood.

And I feel uninspired by them. Last autumn I kept wanting some really BIG idea to strike me. To land in my lap and light me up so that all I could think about was writing it.

I kept trying to make that idea come.

I tried to prime that pump and drag it out of the sky. To draw down the moon, to raise a cone of power, and the silence from my guides, from my muse, was actually painful. I obsessed over the absence of the next big idea.

I finally gave up. I dedicated myself to the projects on my desk. The ones my readers are waiting for and expecting. I’m not in love with them. I’m not on fire. I was when I first started to plot them, maybe, but that beautiful brainstormy part of the process had already come and left me with a big pile of work.

In absence of anything better to do during my writing time, I went back to working on my current books.

I am about a month away from the end of a four month writing stretch. The drafting of this current book will soon shift into the editing process.

And then last week I had a story come. A bolt from the blue. A lightning. I sat up in bed, just before drifting off, and reached for my tablet to furiously type some notes.

That’s what I was waiting for. That’s the kind of idea, burst of inspiration, I wanted 6 months ago.

But I believe with all my heart, it was given because I followed through on the ones I’d been given before.

Why would they give me more, if I’m only going to lay them aside and demand another one? Doesn’t it make sense if the muses and the guides are giving out assignments, they give the best ones to those with a track record of following through?

You have to honor the ideas you're given.

Regardless of how they might be critically received, whether or not they will sell, whether they become a replacement career or remain a hobby, if the Divine is delivering plans and ideas to you, it is your duty to execute them, to bring them through.

You've been chosen.

You've been interrogating your divinity (your creativity) about your purpose:

And if these questions have only left you spinning in hesitation -- paralysis, blocks -- then ask your work what it needs.

If you're going to be true to your creative gifts, you must honor the ideas you’ve been given.