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Psychic Protection for Empaths

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Energy protection visualization; an alternative to White Light shielding

Episode Notes

This week I’m sharing an energy shielding visualization technique. This is an alternative to the white light shielding you may be familiar with. 

If you’re an empath, and you also work with other people’s energies, you require a specific kind of filter — and this one is designed for you.


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Episode Transcription

I’ve yet to encounter anyone who has a high level of natural intuitive abilities — clairvoyance, clairaudience, or claircognizance — who is not also primarily clairsentient. Specifically, empathic. You may identify with the term empath or HSP — highly sensitive person.

Empathy — experiencing external emotional energies as your own moods and sensitivities and feelings — is the foundation of being psychic or intuitive.

For those of us who identify as lightworkers or lantern bearers, it comes with the territory of everyday life. And for those who take this identity into the professional realm, residual energy is an occupational hazard.

 I’m talking about obvious careers such as psychotherapists, counselors, coaches, social workers, medical professionals, massage therapists, energy healers, psychics, ministers, teachers, and people who work in child care; but also human resource professionals, customer service workers, hair stylists — anyone who deals with numerous individual people, and is called to assist (or at least listen to) other people who are processing a lot of negative conditions and circumstances .

Holding space for others is hard work.

Lending an ear. Being a shoulder to cry, or someone to lean on.


Here are some of the environments and circumstances that require psychic protection. Listen to these and see if you identify with some or any of them or if you literally recognize your job or your family and friendships in these descriptions.

You need to be empathetic enough to effectively communicate, be able to explain your point of view without having to be defensive or worried about being attacked, still show compassion and a willingness to listen, YET remain detached enough that you can be true to yourself, authentic, and stick to your guns.

You find your constantly being drawn in to other people’s drama. You're a good listener, and you care about other people, but sometimes it feels like you're a dumping ground for other people’s stress and bad energy.

Your friends and family love to talk to you about their problems. You're the one everyone comes to for advice. You probably feel like it’s truly your life purpose to play the part of the counselor. On the one hand, you do feel that you’re helping and being of service to others… but more often times than not, you end up feeling drained.

You proudly identify yourself as a light-worker, a way-shower, a lantern bearer. You are very open, very intuitive, very sensitive. You want to continue growing and opening yourself further, but there’s a part of you that resists. Just as you start to pick up on someone’s vibes, there’s a part of me that wants to rise up, slam the door… to protect yourself. And you’re left feeling like "How can I do both?"

You're what people call an empath. You are a psychic sponge — you absorb everyone else’s energy and you don’t know how to turn it off. You wonder if there is a way you can turn it down or protect yourself without turning off.

You worry a lot. You worry about everyone. You worry for them. It’s like you have a sign on your forehead that says “Leave your problems with me.” You know it may sound crazy to someone who doesn’t experience it, but it can literally make you feel ill — your stomach is either in knots or your neck muscles are stiff all the time. You worry that you’re going to manifest cancer or a heart attack or a stroke from carrying all this stress.

You try to be positive, but it feels like the whole world wants to tear down your attitude.

Your relationship is over. It has run its course. You both know it, you both agree, and you both want to move on… But there’s still a lot that has to be negotiated in order for you to go our separate ways. Every time you even text or talk on the phone, it’s like the wound gets torn open all over again, and you both end up in tears. How can you move forward and heal without backsliding into that painful place that feels like square one?

Maybe you just basically feel like you're under psychic attack. You're afraid that if you open up your intuition too much, you’re only making yourself more vulnerable.

I get it. I hear some version of these with every Automatic Intuition client. And a large percentage of reading clients.

I’ve always shared this idea of a soft shielding technique with people in para-professional or healing arts fields where heart-centered connection is a requirement. This is something you can do in addition to exercises like clearing and cord cutting.

This is more preventative.

I first published it on my blog way back in 2009, the same year I was developing content for the Automatic Intuition program. I didn’t include it in the material for some reason, but it quickly became the #1 piece supplemental content I share with almost everyone who comes through that program.

It’s freely available, I link to it a lot, and now I am putting it out here in audio form as well.


I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of Purple Light and White Light Shielding —if you Google psychic protection, this is mostly what you will find — Purple Light being the highest angelic vibe you can invoke for spiritual protection, nurturing, and support; and White Light being the universal holy shield.


I personally think white light is too hard core.

The thing to keep in mind about White Light is that it is entirely impermeable and it doesn’t allow for heart chakra to heart chakra reflection or connection or interaction.

It’s spiritual bleach.

Sometimes you want that. But White Light protection in everyday relationships is a bit overkill. And in professional interactions it can hinder the intention of the work.

Sunglasses vs Blindfolds

I think the metaphor I like best is the concept of sunglasses versus a blindfold. Yes, they will both protect your eyes if you go out in bright sunlight, but you don’t want to block out everything … you just need to block the frequencies that cause you discomfort or harm.

But you still want to be able to see where you’re going and what you’re doing.

You don’t always want a shield; you often need a filter.


So, as an alternative to using White Light shielding, I recommend you use Pink — the ethereal, aura color representation of your Higher Self. Picture the color of rose quartz, which, by the way, can also be assigned, associated, activated, and amplified by the crystals themselves. If you like working with crystals, you might employ actual rose quartz in jewelry or in grid meditations or in your room decor.

When talking to (anyone with whom you may require this softer, tender-hearted protection) picture yourself sheathed in a column of pearly bubble-gum pink light, from just above your head extending all the way through the floor beyond your feet.

Imagine it being poured on top of your head, starting at your crown chakra.

I personally picture this substance as having the appearance and viscosity of liquid soap or shampoo.

You might also envision that you’re Glinda the Good Witch in her big pink bubble — that’s about the the right size in relationship to your energy body or aura.

(It’s just plain ol' joyful to call forth your Inner Glinda once in awhile. Even the biggest bad ass among us has an Inner Glinda.)


The pink light acts as both a mirror and a filter.

When the subject you’re communicating with projects onto you, the most positive authentic heart-centered energy is reflected back to them. The Pink also allows for your loving energy — compassion, concern, good will — to pass through, but the White Light (which is still present within the Pink in a smaller amount) still blocks negative energy.

So, it’s a semi-permeable shield — which expands the Highest Self-loving Energy that either of you project; and it’s a kind of filter — magnifying what you most hope to receive or project, while still blocking psychic attack completely and absolutely.


If you have rose quartz crystals physically present, they can act as a switch or consciousness trigger for turning on this shield. I recommend that therapists and mediators actually have some piece of rose quartz in the line of sight for both parties; on the table or between you is ideal.

I actually learned about this from a psychotherapist. And I’m always surprised by how many people in that general field, instinctively acquire and use rose quartz, without knowing specifically about this use.

You can also wear rose quartz as jewelry or carry a piece of it in your pocket. Just seeing this color acts as a subconscious activation switch, for other people you encounter, even for those who don’t intellectually know the symbolic spiritual significance.

Remember that the Woo Woo Stuff — the visualizations, the meditations, the rituals, the spells — it’s all really just a representation and a reminder of your commitment to a particular conscious intention. Just going into a conversation aware of what you want to block, what you want to project and receive, impacts your word choice and body language and allows you to set the energy.

When you set a strong energetic intention like this — when you are willfully driving the vibration — others must either conform to that vibe or deal with the discomfort of being in disharmony. They have no choice but to match that energy or they have to get away from it. This is why people hang up the phone or flee the room. In any case, the integrity of the kind of conversation you want to have is ultimately maintained.

Remember, if in doubt, you simply want express how YOU feel; that’s the most honest thing you can do. Your feelings are non-negotiable, no matter how controlling another person might want to be, or think they can be — when presented with someone’s feelings, there’s nothing they can do but accept them.

They may not agree, they don’t have to like it, but they don’t own or control your feelings. If you own them and willfully present them, so it shall be.

And yes, sometimes It’s a when they go low, we go high scenario.

But anyone not down with the good vibes  you’re putting out— who refuses, who chooses over and over again to be difficult — may be someone who is simply not worthy of your time and energy.

That may be the hardest thing for you to confront, depending on the relationship.

I’d say two chances is probably my line in the sand — after that, as much distance and lack of contact you can make happen is entirely warranted. Again, depending on the relationship. I’m thinking of clients. This may be harder to apply to say, your child.

But — as an admitted confrontational person — this is one of my favorite quotes and something that serves as a reminder to me on so many occasions:

“You can’t have a war if both sides don’t show up."

We have legal channels and barriers if and when it's necessary — security, attorneys, mediators.

But if you keep answering that cell phone when he calls and engaging in another verbal battle — be real with yourself — you are participating.

Don’t forget the most basic intention manifestation or Law of Attraction principles — if you establish beforehand how you want the script to go, then you’re creating it — not reacting on the fly and finding yourself unequipped to provide the details of the Best Case Scenario.

If you prepare for the conversation going badly, if you prepare a dialogue of argument, the Universe will be sure to help you perform that scene.

But, you may be pleasantly surprised, even blown away, by how positively others will respond and behave if and when you are prepared for them to.