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A conversation with David Thomas Wright about developing intuition to enhance your manifesting journey.

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"Where are you in relation to what you're trying to manifest?"

David Thomas Wright helps spiritual and creative entrepreneurs to manifest their big vision and recognize their divine worth.

David and I talk about developing intuition to enhance your manifesting journey, the interplay of intuition and intentions, the Law of Attraction.

If you have questions about whether the impulse to relocate is part of a higher calling for you … David has lived this experience of following his intuition to a new city and manifesting a new life for himself.


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Texting back and forth, messaging on Facebook about my love life or whatever and it kind of came up.

The thing that really struck me was, I've thought about doing shows on... I think it's called astrocartography and location-based purpose and feeling this sense of, I've got to move somewhere cool. I mean, we've all experienced that at some point in our life. Over the years, this is something that clients bring in readings all the time, are these questions about feeling like they need to move somewhere and that a better life is waiting for them somewhere else.

On the one hand, I do believe that in some cases, if you manifest everything else that you possibly want and need, it probably won't matter where you are. Like if I took you where you are right now and you said, "I'm unhappy. I don't have anyone." If I suddenly gave you this wonderful job working from home, and then you randomly met the love of your life living two blocks away, suddenly you don't want to leave.






It changes everything.


But you kind of lived this idea of following an impulse to move somewhere specific and begin a new life. So I want you to take me back to where you were before all that happened, and tell me about how this manifestation journey to another place unfolded for you.



So I've always felt that obviously places are about people. So being drawn to a place would have some sort of "knock on" effect where you're being drawn to the right people and the right circumstances. But I was looking for something in my life and I was looking for a sense of home. Because I didn't really have, and hadn't had that sense of home and belonging for a long, long time.

When I was in my early 20s, I studied in London, and had to come back home because it was so expensive to live there and was still looking for work. I went through a phase in my life where I thought it was about going back to London or this dream, or this aspiration to go back to London, and that was the kind of measurement of my wellbeing or not.

Over time, it seemed to kind of disappear. That intention or that need to return to London just wasn't there anymore. And I was actually living here in Lincolnshire and I went on holiday for the first time to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Now there is a bit of a backstory and I don't know whether I told you this but I was first working with clients and giving psychic, intuitive readings. I was probably about 17, 18, and I used to sense what was Scottish guide or a Scottish influence which I felt was to do with his ancestry. Not past lives but some sort of remembrance.

And it would come in and sometimes I would see this and it's going to sound a little cheesy, but a little bit like what we see now in Outlander. So that kind of Scottish chieftan and the kind of full Highlander regalia. Quite hot really. And that's what I got from this guide and again it just kind of fizzled out in the early 20s.

And then there was a point in my life when I was looking for a sense of home and belonging, and this Scottish feeling, whatever that means, this kind of pull towards Scotland came in again. And I noticed that when I opened up to give readings, and I knew that it wasn't about the clients. It was just something that was slipping into that vibration because I was open to channel.

I thought, okay, well the last time I thought about this, I was kind of early 20s. Now I'm sort of mid-30s. It's been a journey. I looked back at my old journals from the time and I kept writing "the royal road the royal road" over and over again. I also wrote the word "Bute". And hand on heart, whether it's subconscious or not, this is before the age of Google, or before I had access to Google, I thought Butes was in Cornwall but that's Bude. So Bute is an Isle which I've visited now since, and that was kind of in my freestyling automatic writing journalling in my early 20s and also "the royal road".

Now, short story, I think "the royal road" is the Royal Mile, which is the main historical high street, if you like, in Edinburgh. So I kept being drawn to Scotland, and specifically, Edinburgh. I went with my partner at the time and it was like falling in love. So if anyone has been to Edinburgh, it is a beautiful city aesthetically. Amazing architecture, a lot of heritage. You're near the sea. There's a castle on volcanic rock. It's like Game of Thrones. But then you kind of have your high street and everything you would want from a major city.

I was just wowed by it. It felt like falling in love with a person. It was a completely magnetic pull.

I did visit a couple of times afterwards and on one visit, I went to a past life regression expert because I was like, what is this all about, this draw? I now feel that it isn't necessarily about a past life as it is about ancestry. I've tried to trace the ancestry but what came up for me eventually was, well why does it matter? Does it have to be quantified or qualified with, it's an ancestral thing or it's a past life thing. Maybe this just speaks to now.

So I thought, okay, this has always been here in some way.

One point that I do want to make is, I don't know how you feel about this Slade, but there's quite a small divide between what we would call an intuitive hunch and spontaneous manifestation. I guess I'll explain that a bit more later, but what I manifested here, some might say it was destiny or fate, as in: you got the prompts intuitively when you were in your early 20s and then you followed those prompts and you were meant to live here and so it was always gonna happen. It could have been fated or predicted.

Yes, to an extent. But I actually began to use manifesting processes for the first time in my life, to make sure that I would move and have the opportunity to move to Edinburgh. Because as soon as I went there, I got tingles now talking about it, it was like being in love. There was a calm. It wasn't just about desire or longing and a strong need to start again and have a new life. Which I did need.

I think sometimes when it's intuitive, there's like a calm underneath because you know the pieces are going to come together one way or the other. I know, of course, that people would say you can goalset your way to relocating. Yeah, absolutely. And some of my friends are coaches in the more conventional perspective and they sometimes struggle with what we would call the woo-woo scale of energy manifesting all the time _____

But the way this unfolded is I couldn't have strategized my way to Edinburgh. I could've literally but it would taken a long time or it wouldn't have happened in this way at the right time. Because I made a friend, completely out of the blue, via Instagram, and that made it possible for me to move and stay with him for a few months while I got myself together.

I guess I'm skipping a little bit forward in time.

Talking about my process, which might be useful to others if you wanted to try this. Whether it's a business dream, whether it's a passion project, whether it's about relocation, I really like to help people with a big vision, and I think a lot of that has come from my own journey moving to Edinburgh.

So what I did was put images around me at home in Lincolnshire of Edinburgh. You know the castle. And also, more kind of not just the touristy stuff but kind of more earthy and grounded images and associations with the city. Because I'm thinking, I'm not always going to be hanging around the castle or going to tourist attractions. Sometimes I'm gonna just be going to the local shop.

So I found images online which kind of represented an earthier side of the city as if I'm living there, not just being a tourist.

I also put sort of post-it notes around my house and they were supposed to be subliminal. I think the subliminal approach works because the idea of reaffirming can be quite forceful and therefore quite tense experience, and the desire to reinforce something through constant affirmations is fear-based. And I think there's a tension underneath that which could actually push an experience away from you.

So what I try to do was to take a more subliminal approach with post-it notes, with these postcard images I had around. I think I had a vision board.

Also, one of the most effective things I find is to record an audio of what you are experiencing in the present tense as if you have it now. These are the principles that are kind of well known to people who are listening, but it worked for me. Hearing it in my own voice and just having it in the background as I'm walking down the street or as I'm falling asleep I think made a huge difference to my energy and to my ability to just expect this outcome.

Not hope, because I think hope is obviously a wonderful emotion, but I think when you really begin to rock and roll with the manifesting, it's about an inevitability sort of feeling. It's an intuitive inevitability. It's kind of like, I don't want this and I'm not hoping for it because that's a pull. But I'm sort of expecting it and I kind of know.

And so the stuff that could not be strategized, for example, chance meetings as I said at the beginning. It's all about people more than it is about places. Financially, I wasn't in a super abundant place. So having the opportunity to just stay with someone for three months was hugely helpful to get me on my feet and to get me in the city.

And that friend of mine has got quite an insistent character, and he is, I don't know if he'd agree with this, but I see him as more confident than me. He's a performer for a living. So I see him as having all this confidence and he gave me, I think, on more than one occasion, a bit of a push and like, just do this. Do you know what I mean? Let's just get on with it and you can stay with me for a few months.

That was hugely helpful. Also what gave me the incentive to move forward.

This is where I think it gets quite juicy.

The manifesting stuff for me isn't just about identifying something that you want. I also think that you choose something. For me, it was a city and everything that I believed I would experience there, including having some not so good days and expecting it to not be like a paradise but being alive and being real. It's almost like lassoing your energy to something, like a cowboy. For me, it was a city.

I think sometimes when we're attracted to things in that way, it's a focal point. And then you can train your energy and vibration, yes to manifest the outcome where I'm living in that physical city, but also it's like a reference point to up-vibe, or to scale up your vibe, whatever way you want to put it so that you become a vibrational match for what you want. But also that you release anything that does not serve you in the meantime.

Because as soon as I set this intention in a real way and look at manifesting, I actually attracted what was a quite tumultuous love affair, sort of fling, sort of dark night of the soul experience. I think that it made my own experience like a living hell.

That sounds like an exaggeration but...


Wait a minute. Tell us a little bit about what that was.


Yup. Okay.


That sounded way too juicy.


Yeah it's so juicy. You're gonna get more juiced.

So this was about me trying to, or being able to, release myself from any mindsets which was preventing me from allowing, accepting, attracting, manifesting the outcome. So when I do talk to people about my manifesting, it's not like I'm saying, "Buckle up, it's going to be a rough ride", because it doesn't have to be at all.

But I think that to really get what you want, because manifesting is about feelings. It isn't about physical stuff. Yes you do manifest the physical experience, but you're able to inhabit it in the way that you asked for. Because your mindset has changed.

For example, going back to love and romance, a lot of people ask me about manifesting love, and I don't think that they just want someone to validate them and say, "Wow, you're really gorgeous and sexy and I want to spend my life with you. In their own experience, they want to feel comfortable themselves and to be able to receive that and enjoy that and feel good about that.

So, I don't know if you've had this experience, but a lot of readers will get asked, what is someone else thinking about me? Or, what is my love interest thinking about me? And in the end, the manifesting stuff is so powerful because it is about how you perceive that situation. Because if you can't feel comfortable with it, then you could have the guy under your window serenading you but you might not feel the way you want it to feel.

So when you do manifestation and you're saying to the Universe, "I want this", it isn't just about... I think what the Universe hears is not only you want to live in this postal code, this zip code. It's hearing, you want to have a certain emotional experience.

So what we're going to do is to organize everything to enable that to happen. So yeah, you get to live in the postal code / zip code, or, and, you get feel the way that you want to feel. A part of that was, in my journey, I developed a really magnetic, but at times toxic, connection with someone. I wasn't looking for that necessarily. I wasn't really looking for a long term partnership because I'd recently left a relationship.

But it is something that pushed all of my buttons. I'm not really keen on the conversation that I hear a lot of, which is empath versus narcissist, and kind of putting people into boxes in that way. If I identify as an empath, let's just say that a lot of stuff happened which would be a struggle for anyone, but particularly an empath who is, like myself, a bit emotional, intuitive, empathic machine.

What it brought about was, it prompted me to think about, what do you really want? Because it's part of this experience. There was an invitation to an extent. I don't know if the invitation was to build a life with that person. But it was, are you going to stick around and commit to this relationship or connection, whatever we call that, and therefore commit more to the city that you're living in right now, or do you want something else entirely.

And it could have been quite tempting to say, "Actually, I want to stay because what I'm really looking for is the right kind of partnership and this could be it. So I'll just stay here then."

What I found in that experience is that my needs weren't met so that was a bit of a wake up call. But also, as that played out, and it was at times confusing and upsetting and a little bit hellish for me, which would've been to do with my own mindset stuff. I'm not into blame around that or why didn't this person do this differently, but it sort of highlighted to me that it would be quite difficult now to find what I am looking for in this small city.

And it'd already been difficult to find the kind of work that I wanted or of course nowadays we can be on the internet and we can be international, etc.

And it was, when I say ____, I mean that in a good way. It was a real indicator that it is time to go, David. It really is time to move on. Because my associations with... I couldn't not think about memories and triggering negative experiences from this romantic encounter that I'd had, or relationship.

I was thinking about it in my home. I was walking about in a small city and I'm thinking, am I going to bump into that person? It's painful when I do see that person and it was kind of like, no, this is a sign that it is time to get out of Dodge.

There were a few peak experiences and coincidences, or synchronicities, with that person and in that experience where it was kind of like, Ohmygod, this is becoming more and more uncomfortable. I feel something is prompting me and pushing me to make a choice about the future and really move on. So the opportunities were there for going back to Edinburgh, which is where I wanted to move to. The opportunities were there to move, arguably before.

But something happened in me where I just let go.

You know when you sometimes seek advice from other people, even those people who care for you or intuitive. Intuitive friends of mine and psychic friends of mine who've kind of given their take on things and my journey. It's always going to look easy for them because they're not living it. But they were correct. It was that, they were telling me that all the pieces were there but there was something in me that had to shift to claim it, and to be able to move forward. And something had to happen which kind of pushed me.

Now I don't think any external force made that happen to me because I don't really believe in that as such. And I certainly don't have any feelings for that person, because it seems like a long, long time ago now or the experience that I had.

But there is an unconscious aspects to manifesting as well. And a lot of the processes that we see talked about are, they're quite conscious mind. Repeat enough information. It's very cognitive, it's very on the surface. But I also believe that manifesting can happen on a subconscious level because what I did, I believe I created also that difficult experience and attracted it and entertained it because I knew it would push me to the limit. It would push me to making a choice and work through some blocks which I may not have done otherwise.

I am a procrastinator. I don't know if that's a Virgo thing, but I am a champion procrastinator. That's what led me to look at coaching, because I was looking for something that would take me out of my procrastination and sort of galvanize me a little bit.

So I think I manifested the difficult circumstances to prompt myself to actually make that move.

I guess the moral of the story is: manifestation, it isn't just about bricks and mortar or, you know, zip codes. It is about what you feel a place would represent, if we're talking about relocation. Ultimately it's about people, and that became true. Because I had a lot of ideas and intentions about what Edinburgh was going to represent. I wasn't ____ sort of like fairyland, where all your dreams come true and it's perfect all the time. Because I knew it would be a real home, and as people, we have, day to day, different experiences. Sometimes we're happy, sometimes we're sad.

I framed these ideas about what it was going to represent. And I actually moved to Edinburgh a couple years ago. It was April the 1st and I think that is quite significant because that is April Fool's day of course. It makes me think of the Fool in the tarot.




Which is the first stage of the journey and it's a leap of faith and being "foolish" and going against the grain and going against limiting beliefs and just going for that. So I've always felt that was significant. And I gave away most of my stuff. I gave it to charity shops or I sold it or I just got rid of it. And so when I moved out to Edinburgh to stay with my friend, I had probably two large suitcases with me on the train. That was it.

So I'm sitting on the train and spirit are talking to me. And maybe this is an experience that other people have had. I can hear spirit very well when I am travelling, especially if I'm not having to do anything. I actually haven't driven a car for years and years, funny enough, but I did qualify to drive.

But when I'm sitting on my own, on a train or something like that, because you're kind of in between two realities, you're between two spaces, and quite often there's not a lot to do. You're just looking out the window and that has always prompted amazing ideas, such as, it makes me think about J.K. Rowling when she had the whole idea for the plotline of Harry Potter came to her on a train. I can understand.




I understand that. Funny enough, she wrote Harry Potter in Edinburgh. I love her.


I do too.


Yeah, big fan.

So, I think it is a special energy, to be between states in that way. Literally, I guess, sometimes. So I hear spirit really clearly. And I would also say is a tip if you want to manifest or intend, this in between space, this liminal space when you're travelling, is a good place to do it.

But anyway, they're chatting to me. "So what you going here for then?"

And I'm like, well you know, because you prompted me, or you were part of this conversation or this creation process.

"So what are your intention then?"

And I'm kind of talking about this big lofty stuff.

They're like, "Okay, yeah, cool, but really what did you want to find?"

"Well I want to find a partner. I want to find a husband."

They're like, "Okay, we're getting to it now."

That's the nitty gritty. This is how I talk to spirit. That's how they talk to me. It's very like friends over coffee.

So it is about career opportunities, and it is about beautiful architecture. But it's also about, let's find a life partner. Let's find that lovely partner/husband/etc.

And they said, "Okay then. So be it. As you intend it, it's there." And they said, "Why don't you just drop another wish into the well. Why don't you just give us something else and nothing is big or lofty as the life partner or the career dream. Why don't you just drop something in there."

I'm like, "You know what? I've always wanted to sail or learn to sail or be on boats or spend time on the water. And it's not been this burning passion since I was a kid. It's just something that I've always been really curious about."

And they're like, "Okay, cool."

So I dropped that in the wishing well kind of thing.

So April the 1st I move there. Then I began looking for friends on a dating app. The magic of dating apps we know can be very powerful. So I met my partner Joe on the 26th of April and that was it. So him arriving took 26 days and it was a feeling of complete certainty from the very beginning. From the first time I met him in person.

I can't claim to be super intuitive about talking to him before that point because I just thought he looked quite sexy, that was it. Maybe that was necessary, do you know what I mean? Instead of having these lofty intuitive insights about this picture of this guy. He looks hot. I'm gonna meet him. I think that's a good enough prompt, don't you?


Well yeah, because, let's just state for the record here, because obviously I've recorded a bunch of stuff about relationship things and men and all that.


That was genius, Slade.


Thank you!

The one thing I've gotten a lot of questions about or messages about and I just need to put it out there because it's honestly never come up before. All of the intuition in the world kind of goes out the window when you're dealing with this kind of attraction.

I think people beat themselves up a lot, just the average muggle beats themselves up for not having better intuition about someone they're romantically involved with. Like you said, the first impulse is a kind of sexual attraction. That sort of throws you into your lizard brain anyway and...

But for whatever reason, and oddly enough, I remember hearing another psychic, TV psychic, talk about this one time and her whole philosophy was we learn about ourselves through people and through these relationships, especially these very serious challenging relationships. There would be no lessons for us. There would be no opportunity to grow through these people if we kind of could predict everything about it, or knew at a glance this person's story.




Now I might have that kind of complete feeling about other people, but yeah, just for the record, when it's potentially, like you said, your future husband, you're probably not gonna get all that much information.


And actually, you are completely right. And I would say, my ability to intuit for myself, not about men necessarily, but other choices that I make or other life aspects, that has probably developed in the last few years. And I think it's because of this manifesting work I've been doing. And I would make that separate to, obviously intuitive work that I've done for other people.

So I've been able to be intuitive for others in some capacity since I was about 12. The ability to intuit for myself, how it's manifesting, however, a lot of people talk about intuition in the context of caution and that's what I don't quite get.

My intuition has always, and how it relates to manifesting, like two sides to the same coin, has always been about, I feel intuitively drawn to Edinburgh, for example, and I intuitively know that this is going to fall into place. And I want to say, that's got nothing to do with my work as a psychic or whatever word that you want to use.

So if anyone is listening to this, it's not about being intuitive to the level that you can do that for others or do that professionally. This does apply to everybody. It would, of course, apply very much to empathic people or people who are naturally more intuitive.

But what I find interesting is, there are some people who hone intuition and then they think they need to veer off into these realms of using that for people, some sort of vocation or profession. And actually, we don't. And there are a lot of intuitives who are professionals who, when they are trained, never get told, "Hey, you know what? These intuitive insights, you can use this to empower yourself without going straight into a service role for others.

I like to help people with that because my intuition I sense in relation to manifesting and attracting what I want isn't anything to do with the process that happens when I support other people. It's completely different because... I call it an intuitive yes feeling, and it's something I like to help people develop because people, as I was saying, people talk about intuition in the realms of caution, and I don't really get that. Because we could call that instinct and as you said, that's lizard brain.

That is, there's a car coming, or something that we see animals do when they intuitively know there's an earthquake. I get that. Without getting lost in the semantics of it, maybe we call that instinct or animal instinct or lizard brain instinct.

Intuition is, for me, it's a warm "yes" feeling, which tells you where you are in relation to your intentions and what you're trying to manifest. So if I'm thinking, do I go to that party? It's like, yeah.

So going back to finding my partner on a dating app, the sexy curiosity was enough. Because it wasn't about me reading him as a psychic to find out something that might be "wrong". I'm doing air quotes. You can probably see me. That's not the approach. It was - something resonates about this.

I didn't feel I had the energy for... Not that I didn't have the energy for a life partnership to appear, but I certainly didn't have the energy for a big lofty experience, which would make me analyze. And like the Virgo I am, make me think it all to death, because I'd just been through that painful experience that we talked about earlier.

So actually, sometimes, it is intuitive, or it is the right thing to say, "He looks hot. I might hang out with him."

And so, that's what I needed. In order to manifest it, I didn't need to think, I wonder if he's Capricorn or whatever, or am I looking for evidence of narcissistic traits or is he kind to animals and things like that. It's nothing to do with that. It's just, let's be open. Like the Fool in the tarot again, let's be open, let's be playful. Because that is the, what's the word, that is what the soul does.

So for me, intuition and how that relates to manifestation isn't about fear, and it isn't, "Oh, my intuition is telling me not to go to that party". "My intuition doesn't tell me good vibes about her." My feeling around intuition, maybe it's a different word I should be using, is that I've set an intention and the Universe is telling me where I am in relation to it by the vibes that I'm getting.

What that means is, if I'm tuning in to the soul, I've never been fully comfortable with that word, I don't know why, but I guess you know what I mean. The soul isn't afraid. The soul self just wants to expand. It wants to explore and it's playful. I often think about babies who swim when you take them to the first swimming class because they don't have a fear of water and that reminds me of the energy that we come into this earthly experience with.

It's just like, I want to explore and I'm here to expand and I don't feel I'm not entitled to anything. I feel worthy. I feel that everything is possible. I'm not scared about what Abraham Hicks would call the contrast in life and the possible difficult experiences. I'm not scared of that at all. I came here for the variety. I really, really believe that.

So when I make an intuitive choice, sometimes it will be about something. I'm sure it was intuitive for me to have that big dramatic hot fling that I had before I left Lincolnshire. That was intuitive because someone could say to me, you should have trusted your intuition, because there would have been signs that this was not a great experience for you. But my intuition led me to what I needed to experience to make my choice to lead me to my manifestation.

It was all intuition and coming from that soul perspective, my soul wasn't scared of that. It was, we need to do this to work through some stuff. Let's be the Fool in the tarot. Let's dive in. Let's take a leap of faith. Let's know that nothing can really hurt us if we are in our power.

And so I came to Edinburgh with that mindset, and it was like, I don't have a fixed expectation. I was in no way looking for a life partner or husband. I dropped my intention into the wishing well but it certainly wasn't high on my list of priorities. And that's why I feel I manifested this quite quickly because I didn't have a whole story around it.

I wasn't thinking, ohmygod there's a piece missing here unless there's a husband. That was not my thinking at all. It was playfulness. And like I said, he looks hot. That's enough. And that is why I think it worked.

Also because he's a muggle. That helps. The contrast helps for me enormously. And going back to the sailing thing that I put into my wishing well when I was talking to spirit. The first date was in a coffee shop. Second date was spending time together. And probably, was it like 10 days after we met, I went to a party which was his brother's and bride-to-be. It was an engagement party and we went obviously via car but then we went on a boat. Because he is an experienced sailor. So his family, they were brought up with that.

He actually took his brother's boat to travel to the location of where this party was. So as part of that, for about 30 seconds, I actually handled the boat really badly, really, really badly. Like, what the hell are you doing?

But, there we go. And it was just, I think the moral of the story is, when you are easy about these things, they can manifest more quickly. And it was because I wasn't there hunting for a husband. I was probably thinking, god, I don't want any kind of stress because I've just been through a stressful experience in this aspect of my life. But I was also expecting things to be easy. And in some way, I didn't have expectation either way.

When I said, yeah, let's spend time in a boat, that was so easy that there was no resistance. There was no block. And then it appeared in my experience. And that's the key to it. And I think that when it comes to big visions, big visions can be a career dream, it can be a relocation or it can be a passion project. But that there is a way you have to feel easy about it so that the manifestation has less resistance to work with.

That is hard sometimes when we lasso, like the cowboy, we're lassoing to a big outcome straight away. And what I would say, if anybody is trying to play with manifesting, because it is like play. The most joyful aspects, ohmygod the Universe is talking back to me. That's my favourite part.

It's not like, okay, well, I've got a partner now. Or I'm living here now. That's not what it's about for me. It was about the journey. It was about, I am living in a co-creative universe and it is a delight and it's making me laugh and I'm kind of in awe because all these signs and synchronicities are talking back to me. That is the buzz for me.

You are right in as much as, I could have created these experiences in an entirely different city. But somewhere, intuition whatever, prompted me from my early 20s and came back in again and said, Will it be Scotland or in other words, before you came to this life, you set forth some intentions about what you want to have and enjoy, and what you wanted that to feel like. Spirit's feedback is, "that looks Scotland-shaped" or "you could easily experience these sensations in Scotland".

It could happen in other cities and with all due respect to my partner, my lovely partner, it could happen with other people, but that... the prompts were, "this looks Scotland-shaped to us" or "it's kind of Edinburgh-shaped". Feelings that you want to experience and the vibration, if you like. It is very much in the shape of this person or ___.

So that was the prompt, if that makes sense. It's all about feelings, and I've stopped looking for physical evidence as knowing that manifesting works in this machine-like way. When I first explored the idea of manifesting and magic and creating something, a lot of that came through my exploring in my teens of Wicca, witchcraft magic, which is still a big part of me, an earthly spirituality, a big part of me.

There was a lot of literature I read at the time which was like recipe books and it was like, for this outcome, you'll need a certain coloured candle and do it this moon phase and it was all about paraphernalia and it wasn't telling me what I needed to do in my own energy to create that experience. Some of what I read, and of course, this is not a comment on Wicca and witchcraft as a whole. Of course not.

I'm sure we've all read those books where it is about manipulating some way, and there's some secret and it's about finding this gemstone and this herb and then you'll get this outcome. Whereas for me, whether you want a guy, a car, or a house, or a relocation, you're wanting a set of feelings and feeling experiences and the Universe knows how to fill in the gaps and deliver that to you.

When someone says, I want to feel this way in my love life, it might not be their most current or problematic partner who's going to be able to give them that experience. So there is that openness to, okay, if I just keep open, and know that the Universe has heard my intention, then it will try to fill in the blanks.

I mean, in all my time as a reader, makes me sound 108, but in all my time as a reader, I've never heard Spirit say, you can have this, I mean, to the client, you can have this but you can't have that. Or people ask about time frame and it's kind of like, you can manifest this in three months but you can't manifest this in three days. I've never heard that. And I've also never heard Spirit talk in a cautionary way, going back to that topic of caution, you should do this or you can't have that or that's not possible. They're not interested in doing that.

They're interested, I think, in helping us to connect with our self worth and the reality that we are powerful creators and we are here to create and manifest and that should be playful and it should be joyful. And then to help us work through any blocks, mindset blocks, energy blocks, whatever that's preventing that from happening more ___. That's it. That's what it's all about.


So tell us a little bit about how this wisdom impacts the work that you do right now. Talk to me. Because I know as I'm listening to it, I'm thinking, well what would he have to say about this experience that I have going on over here. So I know there's a lot of other people listening thinking, Ooo, I would love to get his input on what I'm trying to manifest. So tell us a little bit about how you work.


So the manifesting approach is obviously a passion of mine. It came from not necessarily enjoying certain books although I do, and resources from other teachers on this subject. My first awareness of whether we call it the Law of Attraction or manifesting or conscious creation, was from being a teenager and giving readings and working with... Or it was not being able to work with the premises that people... I mean ideas people have around what readings were.

So somebody was saying to me, what is my fate? I'm kind of thinking, I don't know whether I can see that. Why can't I see that? And that's not how it looks to me. And I've realized after reading energy and looking at what was going on with people's lives, I wanted to help them with their relationship to that, and their own empowerment. And to let them know that part of the process. Because the common questions...

I know we've got choices about how we present our work if we are intuitives. A lot of the questions were, what is going to happen to me and what is in the stars? And I was thinking, I don't know whether I can read it this way. And I don't work in that way now obviously. But it was, there's something else going on here where, if I can tune that person back in their power, that they can create this outcome and then they don't need a forecast.

So that was my first kind of lightbulb moment.

I feel that I can hear what your intuition would tell you if you could hear it and you didn't have to worry about or you weren't worrying about your shopping list and you haven't just had a really triggering argument with your boss. Or your conditioning from childhood wasn't making you freak out right now because that is the experience for most of us. We're kind of carrying that.

And so what I feel I do is I cut through that. One way to frame it is, okay, Spirit Guides, or your Spirit Guides, are giving me this information and that is one way to interpret what's going on within a reading. But I actually think, no this is what the client would do if they weren't inhibited by the things that so many of us are going through life. So if I could turn down the volume on your negative self talk, and let's identify and work through this conditioning that you have gathered in your life. You would see your own worth more clearly and you would see your own ability to create your outcome more clearly.

And so the way that I work is, where are you in relation to what you are trying to manifest.


Tell us where we can go to find you online if we want to get a reading with you.


So you can find me on Facebook. The website is still in development, but on Facebook it is Intuitive Icons with David Thomas Wright, my brand name, and all the information is there. But you can drop me a line via Facebook page and we can get a conversation going. Any questions you might have, you can ask.

I also have a Facebook group, which is The Maverick Manifesting group with David Thomas Wright. The url for that would be


Awesome. This was a great conversation, David. Thank you for coming on and talking to me.


Thank you! Thanks for having me.