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Do Spirit Guides Have Names?

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Experiences and opinions about your spirit guides and their names.

Episode Notes

Some psychics don’t believe spirit guides even have names. But in hundreds of readings, I've received names, and given them out to clients. Sometimes the names themselves are messages.

Because of the feedback, signs, and synchronicities that occur, I choose to continue sharing this information.

In this episode, I share ways in which you can experience these phenomena for yourself.


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Episode Transcription

I name everything.

Names are the way that I interact mentally, intellectually, psychically, emotionally, with things that even might not ordinarily have names. For instance, computers, my cars, certain trees that I see on a regular basis that I have an affinity for.

With something like computers, for example, someone posted about this in the group the other day, asking a question about why their relationship with technology was so terrible. There was a lot of cursing and a lot of hatred towards the computer. And it made me really aware of my own relationships with computers.

I adore my computers. I think of them as artificial intelligence versions of guides. Computers are the way that I live my life. It enables me to have the career that I do, to interact with people, to maintain my friendships.

A lot of my life is lived abstractly in a digital realm, as I'm sure yours is too.

To me, especially with it being such a huge part of my work, my computers are like trusty steeds must have been to people 200 years ago. Your horse was everything. Maybe that's more getting into the realm of what your car is.

But for me, my computers, they're not living things. They're not pets. They're not pet rocks. I don't think of them as being spirit entities or alive in any way. I do think that they're the first glimmer of an emerging artificial intelligence that we will probably interact with in our lifetimes. So I've already got a lot of practice interacting with them.

But I give different computers names, partly so that I can keep track of them in my file system. Especially on my back-up drives. I can tell where certain documents would have been in time, based on which computer I was using for those few years.

So there'll be almost a theme within my life and the computers' names sometimes represents that, from that time period.

I give my computers powerful names. The current computer that I'm working on right here as we speak has a very powerful guardian angel protector's name. And for some reason, I feel like I shouldn't say what that is. It's really personal and private and for psychic security reasons and physical security reasons, I'm not gonna tell you what my computers' names are.

But they do have names. You know, they're comparable to people's names or superhero names or angelic entities' names. I always imbue them with this powerful, wonderful personality, as if they're genies in bottles, or guardian angels. That type of vibe. That's how I see them.

So maybe that's one of the reasons why I have a good relationship with technology or maybe it's the other way around. My relationship with technology comes first, and then that allows me to have the warm fuzzies about technology. I can't really tell you.

So the idea of your spirit guides having individual names, it's something that's been around in my consciousness for about 15 years, as far as it being something out there that was talked about.

I remember years ago, as many of you may, watching Sylvia Browne on Montel Williams and answering questions from the audience. People would often stand up and ask her, 'What's my guide's name?' And she would just throw these names out there.

Also, when I first started blogging, it was one of the things that I blogged about most. Was this experience that I had of retrieving these names for these entities that were around me and how I kind of named them and interacted with them, the same way that I'm talking about my computers.

And I can remember at the time that there was a lot of argument in the blog comments of my blog and my peers. There's some people that are respected peers and colleagues of mine who do not believe in spirit guides having names.

Part of the philosophy is that they may exist in a realm in which the concept of human language is just completely not even there. Therefore their name might be some unintelligible, ungraspable concept that we don't even have the sensory ability to process.

And I think that's true. So I do think that the idea of spirit guide names down here in this realm is very much an imposed concept. The same way that we impose the concept of time on something that is really kind of impossible to understand fully, but we have a system of dividing up and naming time, and the passing of time, and our brains can wrap around that.

So there is something similar that's happening with spirit guide names I believe. So let me just take that for the record. It's something that we use down here in the physical world as people, specific to our language and culture and personality.

Out there, in the wider, multiple dimensions of the Universe, the concept may fall apart or become more complex or multi-faceted, in some way. It doesn't really impact our use of it here and now.

So that's the reason why I'm good with it.

I also always simply got names. If anybody asks me, 'Hey, you pick up a name from my spirit guide?' I pretty much always have something. Something comes through. I've just always gotten names. And I've always been hyperfocused on names and name origins and name meanings.

I think it has something to do with the fact that I have an unusual name. A not-common name. My name is more common in the UK as a last name. Growing up, the little license plates that you get for your bicycle, they never had Slade on them. Even baby name dictionaries.

When I was a kid, I would go and look to see if they had my name and wanting to know what it meant. And my name was never in those dictionaries.

I was 20 years old before I ever found a baby name dictionary with my name in it. And I was in the UK at the time that I ran across it. I bought it and I still have it. It is one of the only print books that I still use almost on a daily basis.

And if you've ever been on camera with me on Skype or Zoom or something like that, you have probably seen me twist around and reach for it and pull it out when we start talking about names. Names are always a component of the assessment that we do in the Automatic Intuition program.

So I started out doing readings really by doing spirit name readings. I was talking about my guides and who was who, and how I kind of interacted with them and writing about that. People started writing to me and asking me if I could pick up on a name for their spirit guide.

And this was an uncanny amount of emails that I got that were ALL the same question.

So I remembered Sylvia Browne passing out her spirit guide names and I thought, Well, if it's good enough for Sylvia, it's good enough for me. And so I started doing the spirit guide name readings.

That was really the first kind of psychic reading that I ever did for other people, if you don't count interpreting someone's chart, which, even though it was astrology, sometimes I think my intuition would play a part in how I would explain someone's chart to them.

Back to the spirit guide name readings.

They were email readings. They were really simple. And I remember thinking, Well, Sylvia, how do we really know that you're not just randomly pulling names out of a hat? Not that I necessarily thought that about her, but I can see how other people might think that.

And I thought, I've gotta put something else in these readings so that people understand that I'm really tuned in to them individually. So that it helps them to accept like, yeah, this is a name that I got for YOU. I didn't just flip a book open and cover my eyes and pick a name at random and email it to you.

I actually really tuned in and listened. In finding out what your spirit guide's name was, I would also pick up on impressions about you in your personality, and what you were like. I started to include this little personal identification section in all those readings to let people know, kind of like, 'Hey, this is you.'

And if you resonate with this as being true, then that helps you to accept the other pieces of information going along with this.

So that's really how my psychic readings grew. Because as I started to get feedback from the readings, the feedback started to be more and more about the other things that I was picking up about people and those details tended to grow.

Over time, some of the spirit guide name information took a backseat to much more pressing questions. If people are gonna spend the time and the money to talk to me, there are often things that they care about here in the real world that they want to talk about a lot more than something that's kind of ethereal and unable to be proven. And maybe neither here nor there.

So I saw that drop off a little bit over time.

It still surprises me though, that it's always kind of there for the asking if anybody wants to know. I don't make a big point of forcing that on anyone unless they express an interest in it.

Long story short, I get names. And I give them. And I continue to give them out because of the feedback that goes along with them. There's a LOT of different ways that specific names and words pop up for me.

As a clairaudient, as a claircognizant, intuitive, it often comes tumbling out in normal conversation. I'll try to give you some examples of different ways that this manifests for me. But more than anything, I would give people names and they would have some kind of association with them.

And weirdly, my names never produced associations with people who've passed away. I very rarely have experiences doing mediumship. But I have had some very interesting experiences with doing mediumship. So I'm trying not to say I don't do that. Because there is some indication that I can. It's just not something I'm presented with as often.

Here's a story I've never told anyone before.

So my nephew who is 18 months old at the time of this recording, his name is Hayden. And that name is a name that exists in my journals as far back as being a teenager. And you know how you have that kind of list of names, Oh, if I ever have a kid, I want to name him this, or I really like this name for a girl. You probably had that thought at some point. Some of you may have pretty elaborate lists around that.

I wonder how many of those names that you want to name your kid when you're 10 actually end up being the names that you name your kid. Or if you veer off in a completely different direction when there's another person involved in getting to choose a name.

So that name, I didn't really know that it was necessarily like, Ooo, if I have a son, I'm gonna name him this. Because I didn't really ever have a conception that I would have children. I just really like that name and for me.

I had names for characters in fiction. That was something that I was always kind of brainstorming, is cool ideas for names for characters. Sometimes the names would come first and I'd be like, That's a really cool name for a female ninja or whatever. Then I would elaborate and grow the character from the name.

So this name Hayden was really significant to me throughout my teen years. And when I was 19, I actually wrote a story about a real experience that I had with a spirit in my freshman dorm room. And for the purposes of the story, I needed to disguise what the real name was. So I wanted to give him another name.

So in that piece of fiction, I used the name Hayden for that spirit. And I worked on that story for many years. It grew and over time, it was something that I came back to maybe five or six years ago. I pulled it out and started looking at it again and thought, You know, there's something there. There's some bones of a good story.

One of the things though that I decided after working on it, and this was about five years ago. It's in the Cloud Busting universe, if you've read the novel Cloud Busting, it actually would be sort of a prequel to that story. It's a story leading up to that summer for that character.

The spirit, Hayden, was very much a spirit that was waiting to be born into flesh again. And was actively probably pursuing and trying to manipulate people in some way in order to inhabit flesh again and to come in.

So there was a little bit of darkness around it.

And I shelved that project even after working on it again, decades later. I was like, Okay, I like the story but that name is not creepy enough for me. It's not dark enough. I need to come up with another name for that spirit character.

In the meantime, set it aside and thought, you know, I'll come back to it if it wants to be come back to.

Then a couple of years ago, my brother and sister-in-law got pregnant. And they started talking about the names that they were going to choose for their child. And the first thing that they said, 'If it's a boy, his name's going to be Hayden.'

And I was like, Oh crap! That's a weird synchronicity.

I actually told her and my brother a little bit about it without getting too deep into what that character represented in my story. Because my brother's pretty sensitive and I think he's more psychic than I am. But he does not like to talk about these things and is a little bit more creeped out by it, whereas I'm like super into it. It makes him uncomfortable and I was worried that if I told him, like, 'Yeah, that was the name of an evil spirit in a story that I wrote,' that it would creep them out and make them not want to use the name. Because I really loved the name and I thought, Yeah that's a really cool name for him!

So I did tell her, my sister-in-law, 'You know what? It's really crazy. I have journal entries going back to my teen years where I talk about my love for that name.'

And she said, 'That's really cool. Okay. That's enough of a confirmation for me.'

And they did end up naming him that.

So that's just an example of one of these really charged scenarios that I've had with names that stretches out over years and years and years.

I also get really difficult bizarre names that I don't even really think I've ever heard before. And you would think, it's one thing to tell someone that they have a spirit guide named John, right? And tell them, 'Oh, yes, you're gonna see signs everywhere that that's your spirit guide's name.'

That's a pretty easy one.

Actually, I don't think I've had a lot of Johns. I actually have had a lot of Marys though, as spirit guide names, and connection to Mother Marys. That's another issue. Usually there are extra signs that go along with Mary that let us know it's her.

But just to give you an example of one of these really bizarre ones that happened recently.

Seth and I were texting and I sent him this silly picture. It's a meme of a cat that tried to turn into a peacock and it's sort of half cat, half peacock. It said something about a shapeshifting fail or something like, when you're shapeshifting fails but you still look fabulous. And it's this picture of this cat/peacock.

I sent it to him because we have an ongoing magical practice of creating this menagerie of fairy animals. It's something that we play with and talk about. So I sent him this picture and he said something about, 'Oh, I think that's my spirit animal!' And was asking me, 'What do you think the guide's name is?'

I said, 'Clytemnestra.'

Which he then began to explain to me that he was (and Seth if I get this wrong, sorry) something to the effect of, he was standing outside in a parking lot trying to photograph a rainbow or storm or something, and was having a conversation with someone about Greek goddesses.

Clytemnestra is either the daughter of a goddess or god or something. But anyway, that name is part of classical literature. I think she may be in the Midea, or one of those old plays or something.

So it's definitely a name that I've heard before. It's buried in my psyche somewhere.

But there was this really weird synchronicity where I pulled this Greek goddess' name out of thin air at the moment that he's kind of having this interaction with another person about that.

So that's just an example of an every day occurrence that will happen with these names that come to me.

One of the best confirmations that I ever got for a client reading... When I give a client a spirit guide name in the context of a reading, whether that's the focus of the reading or just an incidental piece of information, I always ask for them to have clarification. And together we call in or invoke synchronicities and signs of affirmation from that spirit that we do have their name right.

That can take very mundane forms. Just, okay, for the next few days you have this surge of seeing that name everywhere. Or you interact with somebody at Starbucks and the name's on their name tag. Or you look up at the television and there's a name on the screen and someone's talking and that's their name.

You see these little winks and synchronicities in your daily life where that name is being highlighted. And that's the kind of expectation that I have without giving them too much detail about what to look for. But just letting them know, you know what? You'll get some confirmations around the name.

So this particular client was an ex-pat living in Italy at the time of her reading. We pulled through this name. I don't even remember if it was an Italian name. It could have been a polish name. It was a surname. It was very complex and unusual. I can't even remember what it is right now but it was... I imagine some kind of Czech or Polish or Italian name that's not Smith. Something really unique. A name that I never specifically heard before. I kind of tried to spell it for her.

I remember joking with her and saying, telling her the thing about getting the feedback on the name and I was like, 'This is probably not gonna happen for you. I CAN'T imagine how it could.'

This is a tall order, but we'll see what happens.

She was laughing about it too. Like, 'Yeah, that's never gonna happen.'

I got an email from her half an hour later. After getting off the phone from the reading with me, she went downstairs and went to a cafe. She grabbed a couple of newspapers and got her coffee. She sat down at a little table outside and she flipped the newspaper over.

On the front page was a story about this Italian porn film director who had just been busted for money laundering or child porn or whatever. It was like this big scandal that was in the newspaper. And that was his name.

And she was like, Okay it's kinda weird that it's a porn director.

But the synchronicity of that is too amazing.

So that was one of the ones that I was just like, Okay, I am forever going to give out whatever name that I get, because obviously there's something to it.

And actually that's kind of my attitude at this point. I don't KNOW how it works. I just know that it DOES work, so I'm just going to continue doing it until I decide otherwise.

You kind of have to go with the name that you're given. At least until you investigate. Because I remember telling her, 'Oh, you might want to shorten that or turn it into a nickname or something if it makes it easier for you to work with that name.'

To willfully change it is definitely something that can be an option, but wait and see what comes up for the name that you DO get. People are often disappointed by the names of their guides. It's not always me giving them out.

For instance, in the attunement meditation that we do in the beginning of the Automatic Intuition program, you retrieve your own guide's name during the meditation. So even still, people come to me with like, 'Okay, this is kind of a dorky name but this is what I got.'

I kind of call it George the Asian immigrant phenomenon. It's like, you know how you can be in one culture, say in America where we speak English and someone will immigrate to our country from a very different language system, like Chinese or Japanese or something that is not even as close as a European name. Something really from a different part of the world.

They will often adopt English names for a variety of reasons: to make it easier for people to say their name, or to represent symbolically their new American identity. Whatever it might be that that is a common practice that they will take on a name that they feel is Americanized in some way.

And the names that they choose are always kind of funny, right? They don't go with them. We sort of giggle when we see this man from East Asia whose name is George or Eugene or something kind of off and it doesn't seem to go with what he looks like or whatever.

So I think sometimes the guides are doing something similar. I don't think they 100% have the ability to grasp the nuances of our language and experience in the dimension we're in. So they choose these things kind of like they're trying to assimilate a little bit. So they end up choosing things that sound a little funny to us.

So that could be one component of it.

Something that I found, especially during readings is that the names can often be a message in themselves. Like the names can be conveying something conceptual or thematic to the client. And so I always like to look up names in the moment. Like I said, I turn around and I reach for my little dictionary. I pull it out and I say, 'You know what? Let's look that name up.'

You can also google 'Name meaning: (whatever the name is)' and you'll get information about the name origin and what it means, whether or not it's a boy's name, all that kind of stuff.

With reading clients, sometimes they already have a significant association with the name. Like, maybe the name I pull through for the spirit guide IS that name that they're like, 'Ohmygod, I always wrote in my diary that I was gonna have a son named that.' Or whatever.

It's kind of fun to play with, okay, what is the message that is buried in the etymology, in the complexity of this name's history? You don't always know that at first blush. So there is an intellectual, academic component to doing a little bit of research around the names to get some additional meaning. And there's often significance and synchronicity within that.

So to give you an example, sometimes my clients really hate the names that I pull through for them.

I had a hair stylist one time who got a reading with me. She was so pissed that her spirit guide's name was Oliver that she berated me about it, like, went off on this tirade about the name and how ridiculous it was.

I remember being a little offended in the moment because weirdly enough, my hair stylist had a baby infant son named Oliver. So I felt this weird kind of offense on behalf of her, that this other woman was making fun of the name. I tried to just be like, 'Well, it's what I got. You don't have to like it. You can certainly give him another one if you want to. But I have to stick by and trust that there's a reason why I am picking up on that name. Because if often proves true.'

I told her a little bit about the history of what I'm telling you about doing these readings.

So she got off the call in a huff, and I really even thought for a moment, I almost want to give her a refund. Just to disconnect from her energy and I just like, if you're THAT unhappy with the reading, then forget it! Let's just call the whole thing off.

I can't remember if I did give her a refund or not. But it was like a really bad interaction. Like it went down really bad. Have only ever had two or three of that kind of episode ever happen with anyone.

So I have to tell you, I get an email from her months and months and months later, apologizing to me. And she told me that, again, she's a hair stylist, and she has, up on her station, a little collection of framed images around hair styling stuff or whatever. One of the images is her framed license that she has to display. And then she had some other cool old barbershop pictures or something like that.

And so she told me, she said, 'One of the pictures is signed, has someone's autograph at the bottom of it or it has a name in ink indicating that that's the person in the picture.' And it was like, Little Happy Barber from 1910, or whatever. And she wrote to tell me that his name was Oliver. And that that name was written in ink, on a photograph that had hung at her station for years, before I ever even did the reading for her and since.

So I was like, Wow. Okay. Glad I stuck to it and didn't back down from it.

One of my favorite stories about guide names actually happened with one of my mentoring clients named Kristina. Kristina has had a long history of doing energy work. She's a healer. She's very successful at it and has had a practice for a long time.

But when she came to start working with me, one of the things that she really wanted to develop was her ability to do readings, meaning, read the client, communicate to them the phenomenon that she was observing. Because as she explained it to me, she could move the energy and she could heal energy and release it and clear it and do all kinds of things.

But she could not explain it to someone, have a conversation around it, put into words. It just.. It confounded her. So that was one of the things she wanted to work on.

So as we are doing her assessment, her attunement session, which is the first session that we do in Automatic Intuition, I have everyone tell me their experience with the attunement. They walk me through it like it's a dream that they had. I take notes and there are neurolinguistic clues in the word choice that they use in addition to the symbolism that they bring through that tells me things about their abilities and how their abilities are wanting to manifest, where their blocks are and all that kind of stuff.

So during that session, she told me that the name that she retrieved for her Akashic Record guide was Rhonda. And she kind of giggled about it and I giggled about it too because Rhonda is the name of my dental hygienist since I'm 14 years old. I've had the same hygienist and her name's Rhonda.

So when you say the name Rhonda to me, I picture this sweet little blonde lady in scrubs. Krstina was joking about the fact that Rhonda doesn't really sound like a guide's name. It's not something exotic or profound or biblical or anything like that.

And so we were kind of giggling about it and we went on with the session. We were continuing to discuss other things and then I remembered, Ooo, Rhonda. Let's look her up in the name dictionary! I'm just curious what that might mean.

Oh! The one other thing I forgot to tell you about this whole issue that she was having with being able to vocalize the stuff that she sees, throughout the entire process of her telling me her attunement experience, she was clearing her throat and coughing.

And I said, 'You definitely are blocked in the throat chakra.' Your ability to speak and to access your voice is an issue for you. Like you're actually struggling to have a conversation with ME about it.'

So we got out the baby name dictionary and I said, 'Let's just see what Rhonda means.'

And Rhonda means Voice.

We both just died, screaming on the phone, like chills up and down our body, like, NO WAY, right?

So that kind of thing does happen a lot around these names. So I think of names as being significant. Partly for the message and the symbolism and the theme that they might bring through that represents something about your lessons and your Purpose.

Does it help you to focus or invoke spirit by calling on these helpers? If having that name helps you interact in a ritualistic way or, like I said, sort of wrap your mind around something that's harder to wrap the mind around, then by all means, I think the name can be sort of a shorthand. It's like a magic spell or mantra.

A lot of people will go down this rabbit hole of wanting to do, kind of like a full spirit guide and guardian panel, and bios on every single entity and what they do and what their name is, where they come from and all that kind of stuff.

And I think this is something that we all go through as we start to uncover this and explore it. It may be kind of like a phase that you go through, where you're like, Okay, I want to know who EVERYONE is, and you can definitely work on that. You can find that out. You can investigate. You can get the guides to talk to you more to communicate about the others through meditations and automatic writing sessions. All kinds of things.

I would've thought, because I went through that phase early on in doing these readings and everything, that THAT would have become more complex and complicated over time. Like, the further I go in this process, the more I'm going to delve in and learn about all these different people. And I'm just going to be populating this dimension full of entities and who they are and what they do.

The weird thing is, just the opposite has happened for me.

Over time, it's all kind of collapsed together and become more vague and more rolled all up into a little bubble, and I just think about the bubble. I don't break the bubble apart and go into all the little molecules that are inside there. I just go, Yup, there's my bubble.

I think of my guides as kind of a single group entity, not unlike the way that I'm speaking to you right now. I can sense there are thousands of you listening and it's like a crowd that morphs between being an individual person and then being this multi-soul thing at the same time.

So there's a similar feeling to me with the concept of audience with the guides. I kind of have this guardian angel spirit that I've been aware of longest in my lifetime. She goes all the way back to childhood for me and I guess she's technically what we would call an Asher or the personal guardian angel spirit that we tell little kids that they have.

I just like her. I just like talking to her and I have been addressing her as an individual among my guides for so long that whenever I want to talk to my guides, I kind of have a tendency just to talk to her with the understanding that the others are listening, that she has the ability to pass on and delegate, and that they can figure it out amongst themselves.

So I either talk to her or I talk to them as a group. That's usually the way that I interact with them, at this point.

So you may be wondering how to get your guides names and I think the easiest thing to do is just ask. Especially if you feel a presence, or you're meditating or trying to communicate with your guides and calling them in.

Ask for a name. See what pops in your head. And also ask for, like I did with my clients, a confirmation in the real world about that name. And then you'll start to see those synchronicities letting you know, Hey, that's the name.

Automatic writing is another way that you might retrieve that kind of detail. You can also just speak. Do dialoguing, if you set a voice recorder on your phone and just start channeling and speaking to your guides and asking them questions.

Another exercise I like to do with people is, write a scene in which you are creating a "fictional" version of yourself who is a master psychic. Write a character for yourself as if it's in a novel or film and this psychic has a spirit guide that she communicates with and the guide's name is what?

Pick a really cool name for that guide.

It's another way to use the imagination to get at the intuition. Sometimes the things that you think you're imagining ARE intuitive impulses and again, there are feedback and signs from other people and external sources that will let you know when that's something intuitive.

You can also get a reading! From anybody who does readings that might pick up a name for you and work with that. Again, ask for signs in the real world of affirmation.

One thing that a lot of people ask me about this topic is why psychics might get a different name from you.

For instance, you may have this name you retrieved on your own and then you go get a reading with someone. They come back to you and say, 'I talked to a guide and it was a different name.'

I think one of the best ways to explain what could be happening there, because I don't want to tear down anybody's abilities. Somebody may have just talked to a different guide. You have lots of guides around you and the guide that I just said that I have a preference for communicating with is not a guide that's going to speak with someone who is a stranger. Who is external to me.

Like, those guardian angel guides, those are LOCKED UP. They really present an imposing fortress of energy to anybody outside of you that's approaching them. Whereas you have this relationship with them. They're like a secret service agent that's following you around and you know them and you're comfortable with them. So they don't have the same impact.

Psychics can't necessarily get at certain parts of your guide team, or your chart, or information about you. There could be reasons why you are keeping that close, or it's a security issue or a safety issue.

So one of the ways to describe how this goes down is to think of the metaphor of a party.

Let's say that there is a big surprise party for you. It's a birthday party and there are people there from your family. There are friends of yours from school. There are people there that you work with. They're all from these different kind of environments.

Maybe I'm invited to this party and I go to this party. The person who's your best friend in the whole world may not be the person that I click with, or that I end up encountering. Or I might run into somebody really neat and end up in the corner having a great conversation with them and come away and be like, yeah, telling you about who I met at your party.

The person that I interacted with the most and really clicked with and liked was somebody that you work with that you're not even really that close to. So it's a personality thing. That can be part of it.

Another thing too is, if you send me into that party with a specific investigation around your job and career, then I'm going to move through the party and be like, Okay, who here works with my client?

And I'm gonna get a small amount of people raising their hands. So I'm going to focus on communicating just with those people.

Again, I may be talking to somebody that you work with, who knows things about you in that environment. Meanwhile, your best friend in the whole world that you've known since you were five, is on the other side of the room doing the macarena and wearing a lampshade on their head. Who knows.

So just keep in mind that you do have multiple guides and different guides can connect to different psychics, depending on the time frame, what's going on with you. You could have something going on in your life that's making one of your guides more active. Like they're more at the forefront, driving a major issue that's going on.

And so that might be the guide that presents forward when you get a reading.

You know, at the end of the day, I want you to always defer to your own information. So if you retrieve information on your own and it's comfortable for you, and you have an emotional attachment to a particular guide, a particular name, then you go with that, you know?

Somebody comes along and says you've got a guide that's got a different name, that's fine. Throw that person into the mix as a secondary guide and move on. Continue to practice and work with the name and the entity that you feel most connected with.

If it doesn't empower you or make you feel more magical to talk to guides at all, then don't force it. I know there are a lot of people here who are smart people who think of these concepts in more symbolic, archetypal terms. More of a psychological, analytical, dream symbolism place.

You can be both intellectual and a little bit woo-woo at the same time. That might allow you to access some of this information that you might otherwise dismiss as being ridiculous or far-fetched or something like that.

So if it feels silly to you to have these imaginary friends, then what I suggest to you is that you begin to think of the concept of guides as archetypal programs. We all have tons of human archetypes that we work with and that we embody in different contexts, in different times in our life and in different sort of relationship scenarios.

So think of these archetypal programs as being like apps you can download. Some apps you use more than others. You have apps that are downloaded on your phone that you've never opened up. Just because you don't care to check the stock market, or whatever it might be. But it is available to you should something change and you want to access that.

So think about spirit guides, if it helps you, as these kind of archetypal programs that you can access and run. And that the guides are representing some facet of your experience as a human being. Maybe you, as the mother archetype. Maybe you, as the wounded child, the magician, the artist. All these different facets and components of human experience that we have to choose from.

You can think of those as spirit guides that exist within the psyche.

You technically have free will to do whatever you want with this concept, including change the names of your guides. Or give them names, if they aren't forthcoming. Maybe they just look at you with a blank stare like, I don't have a human name.

Give them a nickname if you want. Go back through that list of what you wanted to name your kids when you grew up and pick a name for them.

You know what's interesting? People rarely ask me their spirit guide names anymore. Even when I have them on the phone for an hour. So I kind of feel like now, having talked about this, I'm going to get that question a little bit more. And that's fine.

It's something that we can always throw in and I always think, why doesn't anybody ever ask that? I could tell them, if they wanted to know.

So if you want to know, go to Book a reading with me and we'll talk about it.